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Helping you get your Texas Ragdolls home safe and sound with in cabin confirmed flights!

We can drive your Ragdoll Kitten home to you or meet you half way for a fee as well

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We can drive your Ragdoll Kitten home to you or meet you half way for a fee as well

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Our Pet Nanny Service provides reliable and trustworthy caretakers to deliver your baby Ragdoll to the airport of your choice in a clean carrier with all the supplies needed for a safe trip. Our flight nannies are trained and well equipped to provide the sanitary delivery of your baby to you where ever you may be in the United States.  We will provide safe passage to your baby and will deliver all the documentation and food that they may need along the way. 

There is an additional fee for this service, but it is the best way to ensure a safe delivery of your newest family member if you are unable to do the pick up yourself. It does not require special shots or certificates and the baby has a stress free ride home hand carried to you the whole way.


They can also fly in the cargo hold for about $250 in the United States (when below 80 degrees)

Once your baby is purchased, we can begin the planning of his/her delivery. There are limited spaces on any given flight for pets so the sooner we plan the better and the less the flight will cost. The cost includes: airfare, and $150 to carry the baby under the seat on the flight. The nanny is an additional fee depending on how far we have to travel.

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Cargo is less expensive and also possible, but we want the best for our Ragdolls and flying inside the cabin with your baby under the seat is the best way to get them to you.  Call or Text for Details!!  682-262-7355


Austin flew out to Burbank during the shut down. 

Abilene was shuttled into Dallas during the shut down too

One of our baby Ragdolls arriving in Nashville airport.

Smoke was driven to Austin to meet his mama

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States where we can deliver Texas Ragdolls to:

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