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Our Queens

TXRagdollkitten Lord’s Grace

Color & Pattern:  Mitted Blue Colourpoint 
Date Of Birth:  November 1st, 2019


Grace was the only one to survive her mother’s first litter because she had them in a drawer and it took days to find her! Now Grace is a mama-girl and she has had her third litter this year.  Her babies are Lilac and Blue bicolors and colourpoints.  She comes from our girl ZaZa.  She is a beautiful Colourpoint with a gentle personality and gorgeous blue eyes. She weighs about 8 pounds.  

TXRagdollkitten Magdalena

Color & Pattern:  Mitted Seal Colourpoint
Date Of Birth:  November 16, 2020


Maggie is a daughter of our original Maggie, so she is a Maggie 2.0!  She has chocolate and lilac Ragdoll babies and takes great care of them. She is a Mitted Seal Colourpoint that had second litter this year with Dallas, our Lilac stud from Kymon’s line. She has a great personality and is very friendly.  She weighs about 9 pounds.  

TXRagdollkitten Lady Elsa

Color & Pattern:  Seal Van Bicolor Solid
Date Of Birth:  March 21st, 2021


Elsa is a friendly Bicolor Solid (meaning she is mostly all white) and she has lots of all white babies.  We breed her with Hugo so we get Seal bicolors and bicolor solids like her with lots of white. She had a big litter of seven this year and they are all adorable.  She weighs about 9 pounds.  

TXRagdollkitten  Lady Bridgette (AKA Rochelle)

Color & Pattern:  Blue Bicolor
Date Of Birth:  February 2, 2021


Rochelle is a Blue bicolor and is having her third litter this year with Tarrant. She has a super disposition and weighs about 9 pounds.  She carries champion bloodlines from her Great Grandfather.

TXRagdollkitten Lady Patchouli

Color & Pattern:  Blue Tortie
Date Of Birth:  December 20th, 2020


Patches is tri-color, or Calico. Her babies come out in all different variations depending on who we pair her up with but her bicolors come out the most. She is a Mink and has two different colored eyes: one green and one blue. We breed her with Dallas, who has Champion lines. She comes from our girl Rosie and weighs about 9 pounds. 

TXRagdollkitten Lady Yohanna

Color & Pattern:  Blue Colourpoint Mink
Date Of Birth:  August 30, 2018


Hanhah is a Blue Colourpoint Mink and has had a few litters for us before, always friendly and always beautiful blue and seal minks!  We breed her with Hugo so her babies come from Champion lines. She comes from our girl Rosie and weighs about 9 pounds.  


Retired Queens

In Loving Memory of all of our Queens who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

We love you now and forever.

 Many of our beautiful Ragdolls have gone on to greener pastures as retired pets. We do sell retired breeders periodically. All of our babies are a gift and we treasure them all. All of our adult cats are sweet and loving. We love them all!


We have learned so much from our feline family! They are loving to the core and we appreciate all of them and their human families. Thank you for caring for your beautiful Ragdoll cats.

We appreciate you!


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