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 Care and Feeding of your Texas Ragdoll Kitten



We try on a daily basis to humbly serve our Heavenly Father and we try to run our business in a Godly way upright and truthful with value and morals. We believe that we are all a blessing from our Father in Heaven, including every animal, so we feel animals should be treated with love and compassion always.  In this light we feed our animals twice a day and mothers day and night to be sure they are nourished with top quality foods while they are pregnant and nursing. We use the same filtered/purified water that we drink for our cats and we filter their air with purification systems in every room where we have kittens or cats. Proper nutrition builds the immune system and was God’s way of protecting us against the enemy.  Our Ragdoll kittens are pampered and cared for personally by us and our family from the day they are born until they go home to you. We want to ensure that each Ragdoll baby that goes home to you is healthy and strong so they can handle the transition to their new life and grow into a strong adult.  For this reason we keep them with us until they are about 3 pounds and this usually takes from 12-14 weeks.  By the time your baby is this size, he/she will follow you from room to room wherever you go and provide constant friendship and animation to your life. We encourage you to continue the practice of purified water and keeping them on the same foods for as long as you own the cat. They will benefit from some added foods as they get older, but the staples should remain the same.

– Vaccines –

Over-vaccinating can cause many health problems for animals, mainly associated with the immune system being compromised. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus, red cell aplasia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia cardiomyopathies; neoplasias such as fibrosarcomas, mast cell tumors, thyroid tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, eczematous ears, dermatological conditions, warts, lipomas, poor hair coats, stomatitis, periodontal disease, thyroid disease, and the list goes on. Please do not give your kitten all of the shots that are offered up at your vet’s office. Your kitten should maintain a relaxed indoor life to live its longest most healthy life. These shots are meant for cats that are exposed to every deadly bacteria under the sun – meaning shelter cats, which they do not hesitate to euthanize after a certain number of days. These babies are delicate and precious. Please treat them as such when considering injecting them with chemicals made in factory. They do not need them, we do two baby shots and that is all they will ever need. If you choose to over-vaccinate, you are on your own.


Getting Ready for your Ragdoll Kitten

ADJUSTMENT TIME: When you arrive home, please do not overwhelm your kitten with a lot of activities such as taking them out or having lots of visitors. There will be plenty of time to show off your kitten after he/she has adjusted to its new family and surroundings. It is best NOT to make the entire house available to the kitten immediately. Start with putting the kitten in one small room where the litter box will be and as the kittens adjusts, start making other rooms available. Ragdolls are very adaptable to their environment so all of this should only take a few days.

FOOD: At Texas Ragdoll Kittens Dry food is their primary source of nutrition.  We start the kittens on Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Dry Cat Food for Newborn Kittens, Pregnant & Nursing Cats. Gradually we work up to the TLCPetfood for cats (all stages) mixing in the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Dry Cat Food for Young Kittens at about 70% TLC to 30% Royal Canin Kitten ratio. We recommend you keep them on this same diet until they are a year old. Cats do better on a consistent diet. Change can affect their digestion and stools. When they start getting really furry at 10 months, you can add some Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food beside their TLC/RC kitten mix. This will help them to digest the hairballs that accumulate in their intestines rather than hacking them up.

Here is an article that explains why you will not find TLC in a pet supply store – ZERO RECALLS!!

We do not feed our babies wet food unless we are trying to boost their calories in the growth process. We use various grain free foods for kittens once a day to achieve this goal, constantly watching the literbox to make sure there is no changes to their stools. This is key!! Kittens pee/poo 5-6 times a day. You need to monitor this to be on top of their health. Automatic cleaning devices to not allow for you to check their stools. In the beginning please use a traditional litter box, or even a throw away cardboard box and monitor their ‘output’. If they don’t pee, they need more fluid and maybe wet food should be added. Just don’t over do it on the wet food, because reigning things back in can take weeks.

We order most of our kitten foods and supplies on chewy.com and order all of our dry directly from TLCPetfood.com

To help them gain weight we do periodically feed wet food, but try to limit it to once a day only. The dry is for grazing and the wet is for extra calories and maybe moisture. We use these two kitty foods, the Instinct only comes in a large can and they do not like left overs. If you need a smaller can the Fancy Feast is a good second.

WATER: Your kitten has only been on purified / filtered water. So if you switch to tap water, your kitten can get loose stools for a period of time and may even acquire a bladder infection. We recommend clean, purified water available to him/her at all times. These kitties can not handle the contaminants in the city water. They have delicate digestive tracts.

NEUTERING: WE DO NOT NEUTER KITTENS BEFORE THEY GO HOME for the simple reason that your kitten should not be neutered anytime before four months old. Even four months old may be considered young for some kittens as the testicles do not always drop by four months old. The females can also be affected by early neuter. See the posting from a chat group we are on in FB – the vet will not be held accountable and there will be no refund. Small animals can die from anesthesia. Please wait until they are bigger and have their hormones to grow. You can neuter them at 5-6 months and avoid a lot of these problems.


CAT LITTER: Please use pure, clean clumping clay litter without any fragrance. Chewy.com has a great selection. We like ‘Frisco Multi-cat Unscented Clay Litter ‘ and ‘Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter‘ 

GROOMING: We recommend using a soft brush to groom your kitten daily. Slicker brushes are great for getting the dead hair out (especially in the arm pits and behind their hind legs). They love the attention and this regular grooming will keep them used to being groomed, which will be nice when they becomes adults and need that grooming. Clip nails on a bi-weekly basis to keep your kitten from unwanted scratching.

FLEAS: You may not have fleas now but once you bring in your beautiful white Ragdoll kitten, all the cat fleas around your home will be focused on one thing: getting into your house and onto your kitty. They come in on the family dog, they come in on your clothes/socks, they come in under the door. There is not anything you can do about it unless you are willing to spray poison inside and outside of your home. We spray the outside but do not spray inside because we have baby animals crawling around on their bellies, so we treat our babies with a powder called ‘Flea Demise’ that is available on ebay. It is just like Capstar but comes in a powder, so you can adjust the amount you give and you can even add water to it and give in a dropper. Revolution is another option and it is a topical NEUROTOXIN that you can put on your kitten’s skin once they are bigger, and it is good for the month. The problem with Revolution is that you are putting an entire month’s worth of poison on your kitty. We prefer the powder which we administer only when needed. It is called ‘Flea Demise’ and you can get it from Mary at  Ebay here or you can email her directly at Kattdog4@gmail.com

CAT TREES & TOYS: Cat Trees are necessary to give your kitten a place to be up high – especially if you have a dog or another cat. They will have this little spot as their safe zone and will scratch on the cat tree instead of your furniture.  Toys on the other hand, can be dangerous. Please be mindful of the types of toys you leave for your baby to play with: long strings can be swallowed and choke the. They can also cut off circulation on limbs. They will be little babies when they first arrive home. Like a toddler. Please watch them closely for the first few weeks and slowly bring them out in the house with supervision. Wayfair.com, Chewy.com, Overstock.com all have great cat trees at good prices.


on sale for $32 right now



Electrical cords are toys to chew on for kittens. To keep your kitten safe, you can purchase the black loom split tubing, and slip it over your cords. You can purchase it from Amazon.com. HERE

Recliner Chairs are also very dangerous around kittens. They think they are fun places to hide and when the recliner comes down they can be seriously injured.

Ragdolls were bred for their loving temperament and beauty in the 1970s in  Los Angeles, California by a woman named Ann Baker.  They are a hybrid cat and seven generations of females from the same line were bred to one sire to achieve a ‘NEW BREED’.  In such, they are not of the variety of felines that should live outside and they will not hunt to survive like regular cats. They require a pampered, clean indoor environment with protection from the dangers and hazards that can be easily found outside in your own yard.   It may be tempting to let them play outside, but be advised that this is not the way they were bred and this could prove to be costly (vet bills) or even fatal. They are not really ‘made for the great outdoors’ as much as they do like to go outside. There are different enclosures that you can add to your house to allow for your furry friend to go outside without the possibility of him/her taking off. Catios and other structures can make a nice outdoor zone that allows your buddy to relax in the great outdoors.

Kitty condos can be a great investment for keeping your baby in check when you are not home or in bed at night – these can also be placed outside to allow for your baby to bird watch.  (See list of items and where to find them below) 


Your Texas Ragdoll will be potty-trained by 6 weeks old. Once they are in your home, learning where everything is will be something that you need to teach them. The most important thing for them to know is where their food, water and litter box are.  You can set up a bathroom/bedroom or kitty condo where they can have all of these things available in one SMALL place.  Keeping their area small will help them to find the litter box and never have any accidents in your home which can lead to BAD HABITS. Having them roam your house is fine when you are with them but giving them a safe spot to use the litterbox and not feel vulnerable will help them transition to their new home more easily without creating bad experiences from the start. 

If you have other pets, introduce them in small increments.  It is very exciting to see all of your fur babies interacting , but these little Ragdoll babies will have lived in one room their entire lives.  Something as simple as using the litter box may be too scary for them if new cats are around which can lead to them eliminating outside of their litterbox. The move and everything else will be a BIG SHOCK for some at first.  Bringing them out to play together while supervised will help them all make friends and have positive exchanges.  If you give them a little time and space for the first couple of weeks it will help them to avoid getting a cold (like toddlers do).  If you see your Ragdoll panting, it could be from stress (unless they have a temperature).  If you are gone to work all day, don’t leave your baby Ragdoll alone with your adult cats even though they may seem ok when you are there.  Something could happen while you are gone.  

TLC Petfood delivers for free and so does Chewy!! 

More on Foods…..

When it comes to good health for your kitten: it is ALL ABOUT THE FOOD/ WATER.  We only give filtered/bottled water to our Ragdolls and we offer our kittens dry TLCPetfood.com Kitten/Cat food.   It is good quality and less expensive than Royal Canin.  But it is only available online. We mix Royal Canin Kitten dry with the TLC in a 50/50 ratio so they have both.    TLCPetfood.com Kitten/Cat dry food should be available all of the time into adulthood. We continue to offer the TLC then later mix in the Royal Canin Hairball formula when they are adults.  This helps keep them from hacking up hair balls on the floor.  

Bo Duke our beautiful Sire has lived on a diet of nearly all dry: TLCPetfood, Royal Canin Hairball formula, and a bit of Royal Canin Ragdoll thrown in. As you can see, his coat is amazing and he weighs about 22 pounds. He is two years old.


TLC WHOLELIFE CAT FOOD : We love this food and it is a bit less expensive than many other high quality cat foods. TLC Whole Life Natural Cat Food provides biologically appropriate protein focused nutrition, connecting the meat your cat’s wild ancestry needs with the very best in feline nutrition.  TLC will auto ship for free and they have one food that is good from kitten to cat stages.  When they are adults, we mix the Royal Canin Feline Indoor Intense Hairball protection in with the TLC.  When they are babies, we mix it with the Royal Canin Kitten dry food with the TLC.  This is the mix we have used for the last five years and it is great. All of their ingredients are selected for their nutritional and health benefits. Their animal and plant ingredients are never frozen and arrive daily from local farms and oceans. Texas Ragdoll buyers qualify for $5.00 off your first order.  

 Click Here to learn more about TLC 


ROYAL CANIN FELINE HAIRBALL FORMULA  : We offer this as a dry option 24/7 once they are adults. This hair ball formula really made a difference for our Ragdolls in the prevention of hairballs which is a problem for all cats but especially RAGDOLLS. As adults we offer this all they want all day long in an auto feeder mixed with TLC (50/50). TLC costs less and is more healthy for them.

Paper Plates are great for feeding wet food.  We throw them away each time we feed our cats and their plates are always clean. 



Things that we like to use for our Texas Ragdolls



The Catio is a favorite and can be made in any size and off any window or door.  Ragdolls’ immune systems are not well equipped to handle the great outdoors. If you love your cat and want to keep him/her for as long as possible, you will get them a catio for their ‘outdoor’ fix.




Ragdolls love to be outside – they will beg to be let out. The difference between a Texas Ragdoll and a common street or barn cat is that they are a purebred and as such have not adapted an immune system which can handle things that other cats can, like ingesting rodents or drinking out of  ponds or streams. Allowing your cat an outside space without the hazards of actually being outside will save you money at the vet and could save your cat’s life in the long run, should he happen upon something in your yard that you didn’t even know was there. We all love to watch our fur babies run and romp around in the yard.  If they contract a virus outside, you will spend thousands trying to diagnose the problem and may never find out what caused the illness/death.  Please prepare for these outdoor adventures by investing in a catio instead so your beloved Texas Ragdoll can play outside, while keeping safe from hazards that are commonly found in your own back yard, like pesticides and herbicides.  They will have many more years of adventures if they are kept close to home. They were bred specifically to be pampered indoor pets. Texas Ragdolls are not your grandmother’s barn cat.  But they do enjoy a chicken coop!

Even a chicken coop can serve as a fully enclosed catio! They have them at Tractor Supply in all sizes and shapes.

I want this……


Great for apartments, this cat wall was made from recycled pallets and can be hung and removed easily.


They love to be way up high.  Providing them with perches here and there will keep them off your furniture (at least a little bit)



 Finally a use for all of those vintage baking dishes and mixing bowls you have.  They are sturdy and add charm to your kitty corner. Wash them in the dishwasher at least once a week to keep your babies healthy.

Clean feed and water bowls are ESSENTIAL.


My new favorite water bowl: the crock from a crock pot. $4 at Goodwill and they won’t tip over. Great for dogs.


Old bath mats are great for keeping their feet clean by the litter box.  They love to sleep on them too which keeps a lot of their shed out hair in one place.

You can wash them in the machine and it will make your cats smell cleaner.


>>>> TEXAS AND FLEAS <<<<<

Please check your babies often as the white of these kittens will attract fleas and it only takes one to start a problem.  We use a powder that is not toxic and after a bath, your kitten will be free of the little pests, without being loaded up with toxins. We use it for our cats and it also works on dogs !! It starts killing them in 30 minutes. Good to have on hand when you own cats in Texas.   It only needs one teenie spoonful and the order will last forever.

>> instant Flea Killer equals 416 caps PLUS hatching flea killer Dog Cat up to 25lb<<<


Chemical-free Cat Deterrent Spray

Stops your Texas Ragdoll from scratching furniture and marking.

De-clawing is NEVER the answer.

Mix a few drops of clear liquid dish soap, eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil, water in a clean spray bottle.  Shake and spray anywhere you would like to keep your cat out.

It smells good and the cats don’t seem to like the smell. It doesn’t adversely affect them, they just avoid the area where it is sprayed!


Other Ragdoll Supplies


*** WATER: OUR BABIES HAVE NEVER HAD FAUCET WATER – EVER. They will get sick if they are taken off of good clean water and put on tap water.  Cats need clean water and clean water bowls.   This is crucial.  Cats tend to get urinary tract problems as they age so I only use water that I would drink: totally filtered.  This filtration system takes 99.999999% of everything out of your water.  One filter does 5,000 gallons, so the savings is huge over bottled water.  Tap water will likely cause a urinary tract infection in these babies, we do not recommend it.


FLEAS. They are bad in Texas. But we can not over do on the poisons with these fragile white cats. So environment is important, but again, too much poison will make everyone sick.  Control is something that will become important when you have animals – white animals attract fleas from outside.  I found Wondercide to be the best solution for my dogs and cats for the house, carpets, bedding and baseboards.  It is cedar based and not as toxic as many flea sprays and treatments.  They have a product for your home, animal bedding, couches, rugs as well as for your animals.  You can spray it lightly on their coat to keep fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes off your animals.  I love it and they have all different scents.  I use it in my dog house to keep the flies out of there. It totally works!! 

REVOLUTION FOR KITTEN OR CAT $$$15.00/month and requires a prescription in the US

Fleas are part of life when you have pets, especially in Texas. Revolution is almost required during certain times of the year.  After 2 pounds, you can treat these babies every month during the summer but we recommend you do not over toxify your kitties even with Revolution.  We started using a powder that is available on Ebay: It kills the fleas that are alive dead in 24 hours and there is even a counter part that kills the eggs. This is not toxic and after a bath, your kitten will be free of the little pests, without being loaded full of poisons. We like it and it works on dogs too!! It starts killing them in 30 minutes.

>>> instant Flea Killer equals 416 caps PLUS hatching flea killer Dog Cat up to 25lb<<<

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Playpen by MidWest Homes for Pets roughly $100

You do not have to buy this – it is just something that you may find handy.  I consider this my kitty’s room.  When you need to put him away, he can go in here and take a nap or use the litter box and have some privacy.  When they are small they may forget where their litter box is and start to look for a new hidden spot to eliminate.  By keeping your Ragdoll in a small area at night with their dry food, water and the litter box on the bottom level they can hang out here and eat at its leisure. This will also keep a lot of the kitty litter in one place too.

Corner Litter Box roughly $14.99

I use this one in the kitten condo and it doesn’t use a lot of space.  If you have multiple cats you can put two together next to each other and it saves some space. It has a high back and a low front so easy for them to get in.

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System with Odor Free Pail System $14.99

Traps the litter box waste smell – these are awesome.  Allows you to clean the litter box for a few days without smelling up the house.

Litter Genie Refill Cartridge (6 box) $20.59

These cost less than the Litter Genie version, but they do tear a bit easier.  The litter genie version is better but costs more.  I use this one because I have multiple cats.

Frisco Cat Litter at Chewy for 40 Lbs is about $!3.50 and that comes with free delivery. I use this lately.  Dr. Elsey’s is also good but more expensive.  Any Clay/clumping non-perfumed litter will do.  I also get 100% clay cat litter from my feed store for $10 for 40 pounds.  Use a bleach/water solution to clean the litter box periodically too, so they don’t get sick.

Petmate Pet Café Feeder, 6 pound capacity, Pearl Waterfall by Petmate $10.99



 Practical tips to keep your cat happy….


Texas Ragdoll Kittens is Proud to be Cat Kingpin Certified !!

Cat Lovers Beware of Big Cat Mill Breeders on the Internet


Texas Ragdoll Kittens has a nursery where our Ragdoll babies are allowed to roam and play in a clean environment.  Unfortunately this is not the case for all Ragdoll babies sold on the internet.  There are those that send out weekly e-blasts with their listings of Ragdolls for sale.  This should be a red flag to you as an animal lover!   These breeders may claim to be a cooperative to hide the fact that they have so many cats in their program that it would seem unethical if you knew how many they had – and it is!!   They are actually  ‘kitty mills’.   A mother cat is comfortably able to have babies twice a year.  For someone to have kittens available in all different colors, shapes and sizes every day of the week all year long with listings coming out via weekly emails, it should be obvious to the astute animal lover that they have way too many cats to keep healthy and any baby coming from there will likely be fighting illness when you get him/her home.  This will put your other pets at risk as well and you may incur extra expenses, hassle and heartache, which is not what anyone wants from a new kitten!!  Housing that many cats with babies at all times will create a level of bacteria that becomes so high that not one kitten will leave that place healthy.  If you are asked to input your information first, you are being added to their e-blast list.  Do not be fooled.  These are not quality breeders, they are simply top notched MARKETEERS.  I recently saw a website with various kittens listed and their pedigrees as well – there were 8 different mother cats represented on their website, which would indicate that they had anywhere between 40 and 64 babies at that particular age (5-8 kittens is normal). This would not even include the babies too small to photograph for their upcoming ‘releases’.  You get the picture.  TOO MANY CATS.  Mother and babies in these cat mills are not given the individual care that they need and will be subjected to many viruses and bacterial infections causing you head ache or heart ache in the future.  Many times these cats can make your pets at home sick as well. 

Ragdoll cats are purebreds and as such have a more delicate system than your average street cat.  The Ragdoll as a breed, for its beauty and temperament, is worth every penny!  So buying from a quality, small breeder is more important that ever when purchasing a delicate and valuable pet.  We strive to remain small, clean and a home for our Ragdoll babies until they can go home to you at 12 weeks.  Mothers may need extra food in the middle of the night.  Each baby needs to be checked daily to nip any problems in the bud as they develop.  They are live animals, and of course they can get sick.  Illness caught early on can be meaningless in the long run.  But left to fester can turn into life altering illness.   We play with them every day and make them feel loved from the beginning. We check their eyes, ears, noses and little bottoms every day to make sure everything is as it should be – as you would with any baby.  We wash them when they get their feet dirty in the potty training process.  They are pampered.

All of this handling will bring out their natural Ragdoll instinct to want to be near their humans and to trust you.  They are bred as companion cats and if they are caged as babies it will affect their temperament as adults, as well as their overall health in the future.  Cats should live in an open and clean environment with natural light, ventilation, toys and clean blankets that are changed out often.  This is how our little Texas Ragdoll Kittens live and that’s how all small delicate creatures should be cared for.  We love them until they are yours to love. Texas Ragdoll Kittens come with a LOVED FROM DAY ONE guarantee!

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