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Raising Ragdolls is fun and rewarding.  We love what we do because we see the smiles our babies bring to the families who take home their first Ragdoll Kitten! Or the love that a Ragdoll kitten can bring to a person who has lost a spouse, or whose children have moved on with their lives and have children of their own.  At Texas Ragdoll Kittens our Ragdolls are family to us. They live in our home and they occupy the same space that we live in with our family. All of our kittens are loved and cared for around the clock from the moment they are born in our home. They require a quiet environment in order for their mother to nurse them and it is crucial that this not be interrupted during the first two weeks or the babies could fail to thrive and even possibly die. Each mother is in her own room with her litter of kittens and requires privacy and quiet. We cherish every one of our babies from the tiniest to the biggest and for this reason we protect them from outside influences.  At 4 weeks they start moving around but they still weigh less than one pound and are very fragile. Even at that age, they are much too small and fragile for visitors to hold or to walk around. We take great care to provide our babies with a clean and sanitary (as much as it can be with litter boxes and kittens around) environment and we remove our shoes when we walk in the nursery area where our babies and mothers nurse/sleep because their immune systems are not ready for outside bacteria or viruses. It is for this reason that visiting our babies prior to this age is out of the question. We work hard with babysitters and with the assistance of our veterinarians to keep all of our babies healthy before they go home and take the utmost care with our fragile Ragdoll babies. So please read below and understand that it is okay for you to be picky about where your next family member comes from, and it is ok for us to protect the ones we love as well.


Many people want to visit before they purchase their baby and we completely understand. We do allow visitation after their first shots at 8 or 9 weeks of age. Prior to that, we will not be able to allow visits. This is a new policy for us and is due to incidents that have occurred while we were a little more open about having visitors. We have found that many do not understand the basics in animal husbandry and it is just not prudent to have children and people unfamiliar with handling animals to be in the cattery prior to the babies leaving their ‘nest’.  We just do not want anything to happen to our babies and can not hold a visitor responsible for not knowing how to handle/work with small animals – not all people have been raised around baby animals. We are happy to allow visits once the babies have started their vaccinations and have left the nest between (8 and 12 weeks). There is always the risk that you could bring a deadly virus to our beloved kittens without even knowing. Think of all of the things that your shoes have touched in the past week.  Now think if those places are accessible either by domestic OR wild animals? If just one animal was infected by say a virus/parasite/bacterial infection it could affect all of the cats in our home. For this reason, we are going to have to start limiting visits.


Kittens that are not vaccinated are vulnerable to a variety of illnesses but apart from that the mother does not like having people in the room with her when her babies are small. Every interruption is time she will spend on guard and away from her babies instead of nursing. We hope you understand – we are doing this for the safety of our mothers and babies. They are very nervous and do not like other cats around either when they are nursing either. We have had visitors allow mother cats out of the room and into other rooms, causing fights just by simply leaving the door ajar a moment. These things are just normal for us in the business, but a visiting family has no idea and it can cause problems. If you are considering a kitten that is ready soon, you can schedule a visit. However the smaller ones are priced lower to account for the fact that you need to wait to see them – we can send you photos of what they will look like when they are bigger since we have mated most of the parents before. We will send photos as they grow and you will see them once they are big and strong.


Even our own family members are not allowed in the nursery with the mother and babies when they are small. It is just not recommended.  Thank you for your understanding.


Call or text to schedule a visit: 682-262-7355

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